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 The Vision of Real Estate Referral Services

1. To tap into a substantial demographic of  Inactive Real Estate Agents and convert these agents into mega referral agents.   According to ADRE  March 2018 Statistics, there were 14,147 inactive agents(not associated with a Brokerage) and 5,608 agents within the one year grace period of losing their real estate license.  For a small monthly or yearly fee, these inactive agents can become active and earn referral business from their sphere.

2. Real Estate Referral Services will assist experienced agents by monitoring their book of business while they are away. Real Estate Referral Services refers business to local experienced local Realtors.

3.  Real Estate Referral Services wants to improve the bottom line.  Brokerages and Realtors need referral business.  Not only does Real Estate Referral Services hold active real estate licenses for referring agents, but we also assist our referring agents by teaching them how to improve their referral business, in turn, improving the brokerage's bottom line.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning; Real Estate Referral Services started because there is a fast-moving revolving door in the real estate industry.  The real estate business is not only scary for New Agents coming into the real estate industry; it can sometimes lead to substandard service for Sellers and Buyers.

By introducing a stream of income for active referring agents and minimizing the cost of converting an inactive agent to active agent status,  it's a win/win for all parties.  Hopefully, we can keep our Brokerages and Agents busy and reduce the speed of the revolving door.


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