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 Vision of Real Estate Referral Services

1. Give new and returning agents a brokerage where they can be given the tools to succeed. According to the National Association of Realtors®, 87 percent of Realtors® leave the real estate business in 5 years. Real Estate Referral Services teaches new and returning agents, Structure, Systems, and Marketing before they join a typical brokerage. Real Estate Referral Services will expose new and returning agents to "mindset training" so they understanding their own personality and learn how to work effectively with different personality types.

2. Assisting experienced agents by monitoring their book of business while they are away. Real Estate Referral Services works with experienced agents when they need to take some time away from their real estate business.

3.  To improve the Real Estate industry as a whole.  Brokerages need to remember new agents are people and not numbers. They are young and old and looking for a better life for themselves and their family. We need to open our arms and help agents grow to be the best they can be. By training agents not only in the law of real estate but also in the business of real estate, Real Estate Referral Services will boost the integrity of this ever changing Real Estate Industry


Our Story

Every business has a beginning,  Real Estate Referral Services started as a question as to why so many real estate agents never succeed.  Why is there a revolving front door at every brokerage?

I was making calls to real estate agents in Arizona, recruiting, introducing myself and the company I was working for.  I listened to many stories of new and starving agents finding it hard to get the wheels in motion. Well, the light bulb came on and the concept of a brokerage training new real estate agents, before they take the plunge is a no-brainer.  Real Estate Referral Services will teach real estate agents how to run a real estate business and how to avoid the perils that plague the real estate business.

Meet the Owner & Designated Broker

Hello, even though as I start on this journey to improve the life of real estate agents nationwide,  I'm not alone. I have my business sphere of influence to guide me.  I  have networked with successful men and women throughout my career and have learned from their successes and yes, failures.  I have 16 years in the real estate industry and have seen and felt the ups and downs.  I started as an Appraiser, received a real estate license in 2006 and brokers license in 2011. I helped build a brokerage from the ground up and have managed a team of successful real estate agents.  Real Estate Referral Services is a dream I want to bring to an industry in trouble. The real estate industry is changing every day. We need experienced top professionals to guide our industry into the future. By offering a platform where new and starving agents can learn, at their own pace, Real Estate Referral Servies will transform the real estate industry.  Real Estate Referral Services will offer business, sales, technology, and marketing training to all Real Estate Agents before leaving their jobs and enter into a real estate career. Real Estate Agents will learn how to structure themselves and develop systems to achieve success.


Arthur Hasher

Owner/Designated Broker

Started  Appraising in 2003

Received My New York Real Estate License in 2006

New York Brokers License in 2011

Arizona Brokers License in 2015



Real Estate Referral Services
is an Arizona Limited Liability Company
Designated Broker: Arthur Hasher
Office location:
17950 N 68th St
Suite 3033
Phoenix, Arizona 85054
Office Number: 480-659-7860
Cell: 602-730-1856
Email: arthurhasher@gmail.com

Give me a Couple of Months

Referral Specialist and Trainer

To understand the real estate referral business is like seeing the picture of the older woman when everyone else is seeing a young lady  It a total paradigm shift, and it opens your eyes to incredible possibilities. Be the one

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